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A beacon of light sparkled in 1915 in the minds of a few Malayalee students of St.Joseph's College, Trichinappally, Tamilnadu. Later they become eminent as Chev. Dr. P. J. Thomas, a world renowned economist; Shri A. J. John, Chief Minister and Governor; Grand Chev. L. M. Paily the first elected Speaker of the Assembly in india; Dr.I.C. Chacko an eminent geologist; Archbishop Joseph Attippetty; Chev. T. J. Mathew; Chev. C. J. Varkey; Chev. Joseph Petta; and others. They Carefully planned with the assistance of a Jesuit Priest, Rev. Fr. Zicard at the Lawley Hall of the college.

In 1916 they assembled at St. Berchman's High School, Changanacherry, Kerala, and Unanimously decided to go ahead. They appointed a committee to formulate a Constitution.

It was 13 May 1917 that they chose to have its solemn inauguration at Leo XIII High School, Alappuzha by Mar Alexander Choolaparampil the then Bishop of Kottayam. Incidentally the first apparition of Our Lady took place in Fatima the same day. The new-born student organization took the name: Malabar Catholic Student's Conference(MCSC). Within a short time it was warmly welcomed by almost all the catholic schools.

Rev. Fr. Honore S. J. become the soul and inspiration of this infant from 1922 until his death in 1934. He invented a new form 1922 until his death in 1934. He invented a new form of training the study circle in 1922. It has, since then, become the brain and heart of the League. Every year a Study Circle book on on a relevant theme is pubished.

To incorporate the college students, MCSC was renamed as the Catholic Youth Leage(MCYL) in 1929.Later the college section got amalgamated with CSU from which the present AICUF and CSM are evolved.


KCSL tries to translate the following objectives into practice.

  • To help the members grow in Jesus Christ through "Faith,Study and Service",and to follow the Gospel values in daily life as to become ideal christains and integrated Indian citizen;
  • To install faith in God and moral consciousness among student;
  • To help students to stand for the unity and to uphold the democratic values;
  • To encourage the student to be committed to religious freedom and communal harmony;
  • To make students responsible to duties while respecting the interests of the society and the nation;
  • To foster values,and to train members develop all their talents in socially usefull direction.
  • To evolve solid leadership in the society,Church and in the nation.
  • To encourage students to excel in academic and extra curricular activities.
  • To supplement religious training and Bible study in schools by means of study in schools by means of Study Circles,Discussions,Seminar,Camps,Groupsprayer,etc
  • To develop social awareness among the students and to train them respond healthy to social issues and social evils.
  • To encourage commitement and dedication in all walks of life and to foster vocation to priestly and religious life.
  • To uphold the spirit of ahimsa and universal brotherhood,and to make members available to the needy even at the risk of self sacrifice.



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