Kerala Catholic Students League

A beacon of light sparkled in 1915 in the minds of a few Malayalee students of St.Josephs College, Trichinappally, Tamilnadu. Later they become eminent as Chev. Dr. P. J. Thomas, a wold renowned economist; Shri A. J. John, Chief Minister and Governor; Grand Chev. L. M. Paily the first elected Speaker of the Assembly in india; Dr.I.C. Chacko an eminent geologist; Archbishop Joseph Attippetty; Chev. T. J. Mathew; Chev. C. J. Varkey; Chev. Joseph Petta; and others. They Carefully planned with the assistance of a Jesuit Priest, Rev. Fr. Zicard at the Lawley Hall of the college.



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സംസ്ഥാന തല പ്രവർത്തന വർഷ ഉത്ഘാടനം


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